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Russian Proverbs

Which of the three Russian proverbs do you like best?

  1. На чужой каравай рот не разевай. (Don’t keep your mouth open. Literal: Don’t open your mouth to eat other people’s bread).

  2. Своя рубашка ближе к телу. (Charity begins at home. Literal: One’s own shirt is closer to the body.)

  3. Рыба ищет, где глубже, а человек где лучше. (He makes his home where the living is best. Literal: Fish seek for a deep place, men seek for a better place) ?

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Стараться and Пытаться

English verb to try can be translated into Russian as пытаться (to attempt) or стараться (to put some meaningful efforts into something. Я пытаюсь учить русский - I’m trying to learn Russian = I’m making some attempts to learn Russian. Я стараюсь учить русский - I’m trying to learn Russian meaning I’m trying hard to learn Russian, I put a lot of efforts.

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Anonymous asked: Is it just me, or does reading a language that doesn't originally have roman characters in roman characters feel weird? Like reading 苹果 as Píng guǒ.



tbh I like reading pingying bc I can understand it for the majority of times as compared to the characters since I can’t read every character

For me, seeing, as an example, Привет written as privet/privyet/privjet is the weirdest thing

There’s nothing wrong with transliteration. It is completely legit and helpful in many cases. Many Russians when being abroad and having no access to the Cyrillic keyboard use transliteration for texting. That’s fine. However, I agree that seeing something like хау а ю is weird ;)

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Russian Classic Quotations

This quotation from To Chaadayev by Alexander Pushkin is very popular among educated Russians. It is about striving for social justice, one of the major feature of the Russian culture:

Товарищ, верь: взойдет она,
Звезда пленительного счастья,
Россия вспрянет ото сна,
И на обломках самовластья
Напишут наши имена!

My friend, believe me that with thunder,
The star of joy will rise again!
And Russia will arise from slumber,
Our names will be incised with wonder
On remnants of oppressive reign!

translated by Andrey Kneller

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Korean Youtubers
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Korean Youtubers

Spanish Youtubers

Russian Youtubers

German Youtubers

French Youtubers 

Bulgarian Youtubers 

Cantonese Speaking Youtubers 

Dutch Youtubers

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Effective Learning of the Russian Verbal Aspect Based on Novel Methods: Yukihide Hashimoto

Probably the best explanation of the verbal aspect in Russian with detailed analysis of various tenses and really novel methods. I would strongly recommend this book to everybody who struggles with this grammatical peculiarity of Russian.

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